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Since its inception in 1994, the American Baseball Foundation Inc. has been successful in its role of an instructional center for both under-served youth in United States communities, (through the ABF Baseball & Academic Skills Instructional Course (BASIC); and also for youth from diverse communities on a worldwide basis.




 Register for 0ur 2015 BASIC programming that includes:


2nd annual ABF BASIC Spring Break Program, Hoover, AL March 20 through April 2nd in which 40 children participated.


    18th annual ABF BASIC Summer program to be held at in central Birmingham, Avondale Elementary School, June 1 through June 26

     Registration is open.  Cost is $50.00 per family.  Student ages:  7 through 12.   Value:  130 hours of reading related to sports, math related to sports and sport-skill             instruction

    For general information regarding this program click here    For program registration click here  For medical form click here


   3rd annual TEAMS programs that will take place at Rudd Middle School and Brighton Middle School, June 1 through            June 25

    Registration through Jefferson County School System


    BASIC Summer East Summer program to be held at Huffman High School in Birmingham, June 1 through June 26

   Registration is open.  Cost is $50.00 per family.  Student ages:  7 through 12.   Value:  130 hours of reading related to            sports, math related to sports  and   sport-skill instruction        


For general information regarding this program click here    For program registration click here  For medical form click here


If successful, the ABF and partners will have redressed summer learning loss for more than 300 children.






To become part of Basic go to BASIC  under Programs




Pitching instruction is provided through these methods:

  • Individual lessons for pitchers/hitters at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Parent/player clinics in which instruction is given to the youth player and parent providing an opportunity for family education
  • Pitcher development courses for volunteer coaches who desire to assist their players in prolonging their careers. The international version of the ABF pitcher development courses runs for three days
  • Research related to pitching and the causal factors in youth pitching injury

International Baseball Development

  • ABF educational programs for developing baseball countries include coach education courses, equipment donation and specialized schools related to pitching with the objective of partnering to provide a higher technical level to the youth playing baseball in the hosts countries.
  • International competition in the form of taking youth teams to underdeveloped countries to promote international exchange both culturally and in the sport setting.