Reading, Math & Sports for Success

  • Not like school, like camp
  • Fifty-minute rotations from sports-related academics to sport skills
  • Fun learning grades one through eight
  • Home team members rotate through leadership roles
  • Achievement program that requires engagement and determination


What BASIC offers

  • Reading and Math lessons for five weeks, 6.5 hours per day
  • Sports curriculums for beginners in baseball/softball, volleyball and soccer
  • STEM lessons related to sports
  • Common-time lessons for group reading
  • Potential one-week, custom curriculum for new partners
  • Adaptation of academics and sport lessons for after school

Summer Reading and Math Gains: BASIC Effectiveness in Redressing Summer Learning Loss in Alabama

Year Program Name BASIC Average Reading Gains BASIC Average Math Gains
2014 Epic Three months Three months
2015 Avondale Four months Three months
2015 Martha Gaskins Three months Five months
2016 Hudson K 8 Five months Five months
2016 C.A. Brown One month Six months
2017 Hudson K 8 Two months Five months
2017 New Rising Star Zero months Minus one month
2018 BASIC East reading  2 months math 4 months
2018 BASIC South reading  6 months math 5 months
2018 Huntsville Providence reading 2.7 months math 2.5 months
2019 BASIC East reading one month math twelve months
2019 BASIC South reading three months math nine months

Average amount of students = 65, using STAR tests in reading and math

BASIC Students

What is your favorite memory (or activity) from the camp?
“Me playing soccer and me hitting a homerun in baseball.” – Jaydania

What would you say to a friend who hasn’t been to BASIC?
“It’s really fun and you get to play sports” – Alan

What would you say to a friend who hasn’t been to BASIC?
“That it’s a cool camp. It’s a learning experience and you get to do fun activities.” – Tavarius

What do you look forward to most about the camp?
”I look forward to most about the camp is playing soccer with volunteers and getting to be better in life. “ – Christian

What would you say to a friend who hasn’t been to BASIC?
“I would say to join it because it is really fun. You get to learn math and reading, do activities, and have a lot of new friends.” – Breanna

What about the camp makes you come back every year?
“The reading and math teachers because they teach more than what we learn in school.” – Kenneth

BASIC Kids Relive Jackie Robinson’s Pioneer Days

I, Jackie Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. I was the youngest child of sharecropper Jerry and Mallie Robinson (my parents). After my dad deserted my family in 1920, my mother moved me and my brother, sister to Pasadena, California. I grew up in a racially mixed environment—Asians, Latinos, and whites and while I experienced racism, Southern California was not the Jim Crow south.

I was a standout athlete, no doubt one of the best all-around athletes in American sports history. The Philadelphia Phillies, lead by manager Ben Chapman, assaulted me with streams of racial slurs and epithets when they met the Brooklyn Dodgers for the first time in 1947.

On my retirement from baseball, I entered the corporate world as vice president for personnel for the restaurant chain Chock Full O Nuts. It was 1958—coffee cost ten cents, a fresh lobster salad sandwich a quarter. Chock Full O Nuts employed large numbers of African Americans. Thalia June 2013



Dear Mr. Osinski,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come and help with the BASIC program. You have taught me many leadership traits that I will implement for the rest of my life. You have also taught me that not everything will be handed to me throughout life. Volunteering with the kids showed me that great potential these kids have! The way the kids display enthusiasm shows me they really enjoy the BASIC program. I have really enjoyed working with the children and you and I cannot thank you again for the wonderful opportunity! – Faheem



Dear Mr. David Osinski,

Thank you so much for letting us work with you to help your organization. I learn a lot from this experience and gained knowledge on what it is like to partner with a nonprofit and what goes into making your goals and dreams reality. I enjoyed volunteering for the American Baseball Foundation. I enjoyed reading to the kids while help teaching them how play sports. I think that it is great that you created this program to help under-serving children for their physical, emotion, intellectual , and mental wellbeing and self sufficiency. Thank you so much and I am glad that I was able to help and make improvements so that you can continue. I hope that you have a greater expansion of your program and I wish you, your organization, and the participants all the best. – Angel