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Book Broker

ABF BASIC summer and after school programs are constantly adding books to excite student imaginations.

The average cost of twenty copies of a new book = $130.00

Student Scholarship

BASIC has proven to redress summer learning loss in reading and math, as students on average gain at least two months in both reading and math during the one-month program.

Cost per student = $400.00

Home Team Advantage

In order to ensure student engagement, students form “home teams” of four. They cooperate daily in reading exercises, math games, academic competitions and sports.

Cost of a BASIC “home team” = $1600.00

Presenting Sponsorship

Name a BASIC summer program and follow the fun and excitement of the students as they enjoy summer in an upbeat learning environment that produces gains in academics and in positive character traits that sport teaches—perseverance, tenacity, determination, cooperation.

Cost = $5000.00