“Our boys come into the classroom with just enough fatigue to pay attention for fifty minutes before going to sport again”

– Dr. Elvirita Finley, principal Martha Gaskins Elementary School


“Camp Basic has been a part of the SAIL Collaborative for several years. Due to the Foundation’s commitment to excellence, Camp BASIC has become one of the SAIL collaborative’ s strongest programs in terms of academic development. The Camp routinely advances students by large margins in both reading and math. In addition, the Camp has a strong record in developing sports skills as well as positive character traits.”

– Ms. Suzy Harris, SAIL Program Manager


“I also value the BASIC summer program because it encourages children to keep up with academics during the extended break, and it also provides underserved children with a place to go that is supportive and encouraging.”

– Virginia S. Volker, Birmingham School Board Member


“My experience at BASIC was extremely incredible. The children that participate in this foundation bring back memories of when I was their age. It makes me happy knowing they are having a wonderful experience as I did when I was much younger. Because of them, every summer I look forward in coming back and volunteering again.”

– Tanya, BASIC student and volunteer