How you can help?

Consider implementing BASIC in your community.

Over the last twelve years BASIC has been successfully implemented in four states in the USA and has been tested in Brazil. Note that the ABF is desirous of assisting in program implementation as our experienced staff can:

  • Train your staff in the academic and field BASIC instruction
  • Share content of the BASIC curriculum with partners
  • Share information on baseball/softball equipment that is safe for young children who may be of different development ages
  • Supervise the commencement of your BASIC program.

Seek ABF partnership in BASIC implementation

Seek funding for program:

Summer:  5 or 10 days in summer, for four hours per day.
After-school: once or twice per week over  a series of weeks
In-school:  two-hour rewards program for high class achievement in reading and /or math.

Find partners in targeted communities

  • Partners must be able to a) help recruit children; b) potentially transport children; c) ideally become co-implementers of the program.
  • Design recruitment mechanism for 50 to 60 children, ages 7 through 12.  Older children may participate, however, normal BASIC curriculum content is designed for elementary school children.  Content can be adjusted for junior high children.
  • Work with ABF to design and circulate publicity related to program. ABF has sample publicity fliers, videotapes and registration documents in English and Spanish.
  • Plan the stages of the program:  venue selection, site administration, recruitment of children, recruitment and training of teachers, instructors and aides, reminders to families, inform.
  • Plan training of instructors.  Teachers may need orientation for BASIC curriculum.  Field instructors need assistance in working with low skill levels.
  • If necessary, plan publicity campaign for recruitment purposes.
  • Send out reminder letter to participants.
  • Work with ABF for purchase and shipment of books, caps, shirts, other gifts for the children and daily schedule of activities.
  • Ask the ABF re gifts as part of the BASIC achievement program that rewards Jackie Robinson-like conduct and high achievement both in the classroom and on the field.
  • Consider holding parents day on the last day of the program.

Make a donation to the ABF, for scholarships for BASIC kids! (click for info)

Volunteer your time to implement BASIC in the Central Alabama community.