ABF pitching instruction

The American Baseball Foundation Inc. specializes in injury prevention related to youth baseball pitching.  ABF instruction is based on research undertaken at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham that has defined the pitching motion and suggested mechanical flaws that might contribute to potential injuries.

For mechanical analysis/lessons related to pitching, contact the ABF at abf@asmi.org

Once mechanical flaws are detected, the ABF suggests drills designed to correct the flaws.

Consistency of Movement

Hip Heel Lead

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ABF Pitching Magnet

Osinski summarized ABF research that has produced a magnet in both English and Spanish that lists average speeds for pitchers 8 to 14 years of age. Families can compare the pitch speed of their children to the average and to the world norm for elite pitchers whose speeds far exceed the average. The elite group is composed of pitchers whose velocity makes them 1/400. Also the ABF suggests protection parameters for the elite pitcher as well as those who pitch at the average.

ABF Pitching Magnet – English

ABF Pitching Magnet – Spanish